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For Such a Time as This

I was given a challenge by a family member to create a quilt based on the book of Esther. The idea came complete with the title, “For Such a Time as This.”
Intrigued, I immediately went to the book of Esther to read the story. This is an over simplification, but is what I understood...
The king took Esther as a wife - he did not know that she was a Jew. The king was advised to order all Jews be killed. The Jewish elders found out what was about to happen and they went to Esther. They implored her to plead their case to the king and stand up for the Jewish people. They said to her, perhaps you were born, “for such a time as this.”
At the risk of her own death, Esther stood up for the Jews, pleaded the case to the king and he was persuaded to call off the order of death. Well, he didn't actually rescind the order, but he did allow the Jewish people to defend themselves without fear of repurcussion.
In making this piece, I reflected on my own life and circumstances where myself or someone else was in a unique situation to speak out against injustice for another. I believe that the power of art lies not only in its ability to convey ideas and emotions, but also in its ability to bring people together and spark dialogue. I hope that my work will serve as a catalyst for conversations about courage, identity, and justice in our own time.

About the art: I used purple hand painted cotton and silk to represent the opulence of the royal kingdom. The Jewish people are represented in blues with Esther's circle of influence over both in the middle. The triangles on the left pointing down represent imminent danger and there is a river in the middle separating the two sides. The quilting represents the cascading effect of Esther's actions.

Materials: Cotton and silk fabric, cotton thread, 100% cotton batting
Technique: Fused and Raw-edge applique

©Mary Kay Fosnacht 2023


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