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Fiery Discourse

by Mary Kay Fosnacht

24" x 32"

This is the first of a series of art quilts to be made for the 20 Perspectives group with the theme of "Conversing With the Earth."

This piece is a reflection on my personal conversation with the earth.


The focal point of the earth is made up of blues and greens symbolizing the abundance of food and water that the planet provides. Yet, it is covered with a shroud of black organza, representing the crisis of climate change overshadowing our precious resources.


The black lines inscribed with white handwriting depict a conversation that remains largely unengaged. The narrative within these lines serves as a call to action with respect, care, and urgency for the planet and those affected by climate change.


Vibrant orange and black ribbons evoke a sense of energy and movement as with our violent weather. The orange embodies the anger of the planet and prompt us to reflect on our interdependence with our common home and the profound impact of our actions.



Technique and Materials: Raw-edge applique, cotton fabric, organza, acrylic paint pen, wool over 80/20 batting




Hand writing on organza:

Experimenting with organza placement:


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