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Dominant Curve in Space

46” x 32”

Made for the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild "Kandinsky" Challenge and inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s, Dominant Curve. 1936 The inspiration piece can be found here:

In doing research on Kandinsky, I read that not only was he known as the father of modern art, he was fascinated with microorganisms and often incorporated them in his work. In reflecting on the inspiration piece and my own fascination with space and the universe, I took the “curve” to space. Kandinsky also believed in "intentional disjunction" - allowing the viewer to participate in the creation of the work. (For example, the staircase that doesn't go anywhere.) In Dominant Curve in Space it is up to the viewer to decide what the balls represent and if they are being drawn in or spewed out.

Texas Quilt Museum Juried Exhibit, Feb - March 2016
American Quilter Magazine, Spring 2014
1st place Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild Kandinsky Challenge, 2012

 ©Mary Kay Fosnacht 2023


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