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Sunderland Gallery Exhibit

A friend and I recently took a drive up to Omaha, NE to visit the Sunderland Gallery and view the exhibit titled, "CURRENTS." Two of my pieces, Journey to Sanctuary and Outside the Box, were chosen by juror Gina Adams to be part of the exhibit sponsored by EDGE, Contemporary Fiber Artists. Gina Adams is from the faculty of Visual Arts, Ceramics and Sculpture at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She observed, "the thread that holds is a desire for excellence as makers and a strong personal vision for what we want to say. In CURRENTS, it turns out we have a lot to say: from A Sense of Loss and a Journey to Sanctuary, to cherishing our environment and working through our worries about its future." There were 11 artists and 17 works of art chosen for this exhibit.

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