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Tree Quilt

I added this blog page because some of the art quilts are difficult to explain in a subtitle on a web page.

I will begin with this quilt titled "Tree." It was started in a 5 day class taught by Ruth McDowell. It was the summer after my father passed away and looking back at it now, it looks a bit lonely and sad. However, I like to think that it's not dead, but springtime, just before the leaves sprout with new life.

Construction-wise, it is totally pieced, not appliquéd. It has inset corners which are a little tricky to do and some of the pieces got quite small. See the lower branch on the right side - the little blue pieces by the border. Yikes! The quilting is sparse and follows the lines of the pattern in the bottom border.

It has faded a bit over time, but it serves as a resurrection story for me.

Tree 24 x 30

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