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Where Grace and Gift Reside

58” x 45.5”

This quilt was conceived as my husband and I strived to form a new company called MyCatholicVoice. Both the company and the quilt were a labor of love.
At that time, we were reflecting on the creation story and how we experienced that in both of our efforts, something came of nothing, order out of chaos, matter out of spirit, and communion out of love.
In designing this quilt, I tried to capture the spirit of the company’s mission. Steeped in tradition, yet ever changing and new as reflected in the movement of the streamers. The colorful squares represented the mosaic of gifts that would be brought together from all over the world that formed a global repository of teachings, inspiration, and music.
“We are many parts, yet one body,” St. Paul reminds us. The background of the quilt is constructed of 1” finished squares (that’s 2880 pieces!) each put purposefully in their place. St. Paul continues, “the body needs all the parts, so there may be no division in the body.” And instructs that, “when one part of the body is honored, all the parts share the joy.” (1 Cor. 12:12-26)

©Mary Kay Fosnacht 2023


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