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Journey to Sanctuary
60 x 42.5

Artist Statement


From an ordered society with abundant food and water, reflected in blues and greens, a catastrophic event occurs. Turmoil ensues (red) and a darkness falls over the people as they lose their loved ones, their homeland and their way of life. (Panel 1) 


The survivors journey to a place of refuge where turmoil continues in the form of unsanitary conditions and lack of food and water. The dismal conditions are portrayed in the dark colors. Survivors are compelled to keep moving but many attempts to escape the “refuge” are unsuccessful. (Panel 2) 


As the survivors rise out of oppression they find other ordered societies reject them. They push on until they are allowed sanctuary where their sojourn begins. (Panel 3)


The quilting is a reflection of the circumstances from disordered and organic to organized. The background invokes the idea of a global map suggesting the global implications of displaced people.

Exhibit: Sunderland Gallery, Omaha, NE April - June 2016, Edge: Contemporary Fiber Artists juried exhibit. Houston International Quilt Festival, Nov. 2017, Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival June, 2018, 2nd Place.

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